Saturday, June 20, 2009

Multiple movement exercises

Maximizing your workouts with multiple move exercises

When I have clients that renew with me for months at a time I am able to start challenging them with exercises that involve multiple muscle groups. When I first start training a client I need to build their balance, stability, core strength, increase strength, and certainly increase their endurance.

But after I have met those goals I want to start challenging them with “real world” moments. And that involves doing exercises that involve multiple muscle groups.

For example when you do a squat to pick up a box and then press it over your head to put on a shelf you are doing a multiple muscle movement. And if I want to give my clients training that make their life better I choose multiple movements.

I will list a few below. But before you try this – seriously – please ask a gym trainer to demonstrate them to you. Because if you do them wrong YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF.

1) Do a lunge, rise up into a two-arm curl, and press dumbbells above your head. Repeat.
2) Do a pushup then squat thrust into the air and break out to a few jumping jacks. Repeat.
3) Do a pull-up, drop down to a squat and then do a pushup before squat thrusting up to the pull-up bar. Repeat.
4) Utilize a Reebok step and side lunge then jump over step and do side lunge on other side.
5) Dumbbell clean and jerk. Repeat.
6) Do reverse ab lifts off a bench then do a Bench press. Repeat.

I stress that you MUST be at a high level of conditioning to try these and not get hurt over the long term. Please do not attempt them unless you are absolutely sure you can do them and do them perfectly.

As always - I am available for personal training either in person (if in NJ) or over the web. If you feel you have stalled in your pursuit of fitness and need some expert knowledge to get you on track reach out to me.


Eddie Camaroto CPT
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