Friday, July 11, 2008

Trunk extension test

Okay today lets assess your trunk extension flexibility. Basically the test evaluates the amount of backward bend available to your lumbar spine. Most trainers test this because the loss of flexibility and extension in the lumbar spine can cause low back pain and increase injuries. I want to know if my client has the lumbar stability to handle over the head exercises as well as other types involving the lower back.

First a disclaimer: Before I test a client for flexibility I have them fill out a fitness form, waivers, and many others that let me see my clients health history and possible limitations. Since I cannot do that with the readers of this blog I must caution that this flexibility test could cause further injury to individuals with diagnosed lower back issues or for issues that may let turn up. You should not try this flexibility test unless you have a doctors okay.

Lie face down with your hands in position for a pushup. Then push your upper body up while letting your lower back relax as much as possible and attempt to keep the hip bones in contact with the floor. Keep rising till your arms are fully extended. Do not fight it if your hip bones want to raise.

Compare your results to the table below to see where you stand for trunk extension flexibility.

Good - The hips remain in contact with floor while the arms are fully extended.

Fair - The hips raise from the ground up to a tiny amount below 2 inches or less.

Poor - The hips raise from the ground 2 inches or more.

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Eddie Camaroto CPT

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